WordPress Website Design

We design and create custom WordPress Websites (CMS). WordPress websites are really easy to manage and you will never need a website developer again to help you make changes once the site is live! We strive to keep all of our customers satisfied. We provide our customers with 1 week of free technical support as well as a simple tutorial on how to manage their site once it is completed. We strive in our customer satisfaction.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the 3rd generation of internet computing which will bring an open, transparent and decentralized era of the internet where everyone is participating and rewarded for their participation. There is no fear of data collection and breach of privacy. Server-based technology and centralization will become obsolete. Currently, major corporations collect and store our data and sell it to advertisers. And this has made these corporations powerful and the internet centralized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We specialize in getting people to the top of search engines which is the natural process of organic searches on the web. Most people search this way when looking for products, services, and businesses. People also use search engines, yelp, and certain review sites when looking for reviews on specific businesses. We make your website easy to read by the major search engines to optimize the amount of people who view your site. Search Engine Optimization is a key factor to getting customers since over 90% of people are searching this way.

Social Media Page Design & Marketing

We design and create beautiful social media pages, stay up to date with new posts, and events. People spend a lot of their time on social media sites so it is important to stay on top of your social media pages and keep them looking professional. The more places where your name is the more chances you have of gaining new customers. It is more important to have good quality social media pages in which you are reaching out to 1,000 consumers versus 10,000 consumers on low quality pages. Social media connections will not happen over night and you need to be patient. Growing an audience takes time, but once you do you need to make sure that you are representing your business in a professional way and getting good quality attention and turning that into future buyers.

Google Business Listing

The first thing people look at when they search for a service or business is the business listings section. It’s important to have 5 star reviews as well as show up in this section in the top 3 to receive the most amount of calls or visits to your business. For example when searching for a masonry contractor in Manalapan NJ, the business Paradise Stone & Tile shows up twice! I have gotten this business to the top of Google for many keywords and they receive a lot of new leads everyday!

Logo Design

Get a custom logo design for your business with Bird Rock Media. Brief your logo needs and gets it designed by a professional logo designer!

Creative Services

  • Graphic Design & Logo Designs (NFT’s, logos, print, infographics, marketing materials, business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, newsletter, menu, etc)
  • NFT illustrations, NFTS Graphics, non-fungible token artwork, crypto art,
  • CBD and Cannabis art, websites, brand development, ecommerce, and branding design
  • T Shirt Artwork & Vector T Shirts Graphics (for clothing lines, events, fashions, etc)
  • Illustration & Digital / Traditional Art Paintings (all original and custom art work)
  • Concept Art & Character Design (game, video games, apps, movie, film, commercials, storyboarding, etc)
  • Architectural Elevation Rendering & Interior / Exterior Architecture Visualization (2d painting, Sketch, 3D renderings, watercolor, gouache, marker, pencil, sketches)
  • Branding Art & Brand Development
  • Web Development & Website Design (blog, ecommerce, shop, store, shopify, wordpress, brands)
  • App & Software Development | UI / UX Experience (user interface and user experience strategy)
  • Comic Books & Graphic Novel Artwork
  • Album Cover Artwork / Mixtape Covers / Digital Single Booklet Art
  • Children’s Book Illustrations & Childrens Book Covers & Children Characters
  • Patent Technical Drawings & Invention Sketch Patents
  • Packaging Design Product Designs and Package
  • Fashion Design Illustrations
  • Cartoonist / Portrait Art / Cartoon Caricature (cartoonize yourself)
  • Social Media Ads Campaign Creation (facebook, instagram, linkedin, google, youtube, etc)
  • Presentation Slide Designs (powerpoint slide, pitch package, pitch deck, slides, meeting, etc)
  • SEO, Digital Marketing & Business Strategy
  • Animation & Motion Graphics and Video Editing
  • Business Coaching & Brand Coach
  • Sales Web Page Developer & Websites Users Strategy

Marketing Services

  • Domain Names and Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Content Marketing
  • Google Ads, Trends, Keywords, Analytics – Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Display Advertising
  • Paid Media Or Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Sales Funnel Strategy & Development
  • Email Marketing & Lead Capture
  • Market / Consumer / Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Market & Brand Trends